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  • How can I get invited to parties?
    Just sign up to get invitations delivered to you. You can press the "I'm interested" button on an event to increase your chances.
  • Do I need to pay to get invited?
    No, you can sign up for free and get invitations. To accept them, you can subscribe in the app (14 day trial period).
  • Do I need a subscription to be a host?
    No, just sign up and start to create your own events. You even get one month for free when hosting your first ten guests.
  • Can I get more than one ticket per event?
    Once you have accepted a ticket to an event, you can potentially buy up to 3 tickets for your friends for a low fee. The number of tickets you can buy depends on how many people are currently invited.
  • How does check-in work?
    As a guest you will get a QR code when you accept the ticket, The host can activate the scanner in the app to scan the code and check you in.
  • How do you keep parties safe?
    Every host can rate his/her guests and every guest can rate the host. This personal rating is used to ensure transparency and safety at events. It should serve as an incentive to be a great guest and a great host. If your rating is low, you might get less invitations.
  • What if I cannot attend an event?
    If you can’t attend, make sure to cancel your ticket so we can redistribute it to other people. If you don’t cancel and don’t attend, your rating will be affected as we keep track of no-shows and want to minimize them.
  • Can I cancel my party as a host?
    Yes you can cancel your event, but this should be a last resort. If possible, try to postpone it to a different date.
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