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Dreaming of showcasing your creative prowess to the world? Here's your chance! Dive into the Invite-app Creator Contest and unleash your ingenuity. Whether you're an artist, storyteller, or just someone with a knack for going viral, this is your platform. 


Craft unique, enthralling content for Invite-app, let it ripple across the digital world, and stand a chance to win rewards worth up to $70,000! UGCs, Memes, Promotional ads...Your canvas, your rules. But remember, the sky's the limit! Below, you'll find the details you need to get started. 


Participation Guidelines: 

  • Create & Tag: Craft your content and tag one or more of Invite-app's official social media accounts (state them..Ig, Twitter, Tiktok, YT etc..) 

  • Unofficial Accounts: You may create a separate branded account. Ensure it reflects that its not the "official" account in the description. 

  • Report Virality: DM us links to the viral content you've created. Compensation will be based on the content's performance. 

  • Affiliate Bonus: Want to earn more or monetize through your existing audience? Join our affiliate program: 

    • Download the Invite-app. 

    • Email your referral code to Use creator contest (+ referral code) as title 

    • Earn 20% on all subscriptions driven by your referrals. 

  • Max Prize: The maximum prize for exceptional content is $70,000. Let's see what you've got! 

  • Participation is subject to our Terms & Conditions: You participation implies that you have fully read and agreed to the terms & condition listed below: 


Discord community: 

  • Use link . There - our creators share insights, collaborate. We also regularly distribute rewards to performing creators and share materials for use as part of your content creation process.  

Other links for consideration:  

  • Content ideas: Link 

  • USPs (Invite app value proposition): link 

Terms & Conditions for Invite-app Creator Contest: 

1. Acceptance of Terms: By participating in the Invite-app Creator Contest (the "Contest"), participants automatically agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from participation. 

2. Eligibility: This Contest is open to individuals who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. 

3. Content Guidelines: 

  • Participants must tag one or more of Invite-app's official social media accounts in their content. 

  • Participants may create a separate branded account but must be reflected that it is Invite’s official social media account. 

  • All content must be original and not infringe on the rights of third parties. 

4. Reporting: Participants should DM links to the viral content they've created to Invite-app's official account for evaluation. 

5. Affiliate Program: Participants wishing to join the affiliate program should: 

  • Download the Invite-app. 

  • Email their referral code to

  • Compensation will be 20% of all subscription fees originating from referrals. 

6. Payment & Compensation: 

  • Compensation is based on the positive, measurable outcome of the content, as determined by Invite-app's sole discretion. 

  • The maximum payable amount for any content is capped at $70,000, regardless of its reach or impact. 

7. Content Integrity: Invite-app reserves the right to request the removal of any content deemed misleading, inappropriate, or harmful to our brand's image. 

8. No Obligation: Invite-app is under no obligation to make any payments unless the content achieves specific, measurable outcomes as determined by Invite-app. 

9. Rights & Usage: By participating, creators grant Invite-app the right to use, share, modify, and republish their content for promotional purposes without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law. 

10. Modification of Terms: Invite-app reserves the right to modify, change, or revoke any terms and conditions at any point without prior notice. 

11. Liability: Invite-app is not responsible for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from participation in the Contest or the acceptance and/or use of any prize. 

12. Governing Law: This Contest is governed by Switzerland law, and any disputes will be adjudicated in the courts of Zurich.  

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