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Get invited!

Your local party subscription.

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It's party time!

Invite offers you a platform to organise and attend house parties around your local area.

It’s pretty simple, sign up and either create an event or wait for your first invitation. We take care of ticket distribution, so you can focus on having a great time.

How it works

(all images are from actual parties)

Be a guest!

Get invited to local house parties all around you. You will meet new people, make new connections and most definitely have a great time. Just sign up to receive invitations and decide within 24 hours if you want to attend.



Be a host!

Connect with new people in your local community in a new way. Invite offers a platform that focuses on ease of use and safety for the party hosts. Your next house party on Invite means great people having a great time.


No more tiresome searching, you will get invited automatically to fitting events in your area. Enable push notifications to get the latest invitations.




The invitations get sent out evenly distributed between men and women, so every event has a good gender mixture. This maximizes the fun factor!


Hosts are carefully selected by the Invite team to provide everyone with a great time. A rating system for guests and the host provides an additional layer of trust. 

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Become a pioneer host

As we are rolling out Invite in more cities, we are looking for people that help to launch our initial events.

If you are passionate about connecting people and organising parties, apply below with a short message and get a chance for the following benefits:

✨ 95% of ticket sales for events
✨ Sponsorship for soft drinks
✨ Free 6-month subscription

Thanks for submitting!

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